Accept credit card donations on your website.

Only .30¢ per transaction!

Unlimited campaigns • Unlimited transactions

Easy installation.

If you have a WordPress website, simply go to the plugins page, and search for the OMIGO plugin, and install it. If you do not use WordPress, you will need to contact us for a custom install.
Here is what’s included:

  • Customizable Tax Deduction Receipts
  • Recurring payments
  • Donor Database
  • Easy-to-use donation buttons
  • Goal bar
Our Fee Disclosure.

After promotional period ends, 2.2% +.60 applies to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Diners Clubs cards, Venmo and digital wallets, and 3.25% + $.60 per transaction for American Express cards .

Requirements to use OMIGO.

    • You must be a United States of America legal citizen.
    • Your organization must be a registered 501c3 and based in the United States.
    • Your organization must have a U.S. bank account. (No foreign banks permitted.)
    • Your organization's website must have a valid SSL certifcate.
    • Pay the non refundable registration fee, if applicable.
Who we are...

OMIGO ® is a plugin that is owned and operated by a 501c3 organization. We are here to help support God’s work.
Who we are not...

We are not greedy investors. We have no hidden fees. No hidden charges. The fees that you pay go towards keeping OMIGO safe and secure.
What to expect from us...

When you contact our team, you can be confident that we will do our very best to emulate Christ while working with you.